Sunday, 31 July 2016

University of Engineering and Technology

University of Engineering and Technology - The University started its career in 1921 as the Mughalpura Technical College, deriving its name from the famous suburb of the old city of Lahore, richly dotted with architectural heritage of the great Mughals including the magnificent Shalimar Gardens. Its more familiar name of the pre-University era, the Maclagan Engineering College, was given to it in 1923 when Sir Edwards Maclagan, the then Governor of the Punjab, laid the foundation stone of the building, now called the Main Block, which still retains its majesty in spite of the wear and tear of over eight decades. At that stage the institution offered courses of study in two disciplines, namely Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. These courses, though known for their excellence, did not lead to a University degree. The year 1932 is a major milestone in the evolution of this institution when it was affiliated with the University of the Punjab for award of a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering. At the dawn of Independence in 1947, it had well-established B.Sc. Degree courses in civil, electrical and mechanical engineering, and the quality of its scholastic standards won it a place of prestige throughout British India.

Hyderabad-Sukkur section: China, S Korea lobbying for M-6 motorway

Hyderabad-Sukkur section: China, S Korea lobbying for M-6 motorway

Chinese and South Korean investors have expressed interest in the Rs163 billion ($1.7 billion) Hyderabad-Sukkur (M-6) section of the Karachi-Lahore motorway, a National Highway Authority official said on Wednesday.

The 296-km stretch is the last missing link on the Karachi-Lahore motorway on which construction work has yet to be started. The government has decided to offer this section on the ‘build-operate-transfer’ (BOT) basis to national or international construction companies through an open bidding process.

The National Highway Authority is all set to brief Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif about the bidding process.

NHA spokesman Kashif Zaman told The Express Tribune that a detailed presentation will be given to the PM regarding the need and importance of awarding the contract through BOT.

“After getting his approval, tenders will be advertised in leading newspapers and hopefully within a month the process of awarding the contract will be completed,” he said.

He said the Korean government has also expressed interest in expanding economic relationship with Pakistan, especially in expanding the road network. South Korean ambassador Dr Suh Dong-gu has expressed interest in the Hyderabad-Sukkur motorway and Kalakot-Chitral Road during his meeting with NHA Chairman Shahid Ashraf Tarar held on July 20

Saturday, 30 July 2016


We live in a country where illetracy rate is on peak.. All we talk about our nation is (Awam jahil ha) its easy to say this .. But what about us? Do we play our role as an active citizen ? That was a question which was disturbing us? We got a facility from our universty LCWU in form of our subject ACP (Active citizen program) with a bestest teacher who teaches us very well.. We have done so much assignments and what we realized was what are we doing as a citizen? We do nothing. We all want change. But have we ever done anything to change ourselves , our city , our people ? Did we provide them facilities? So we got an idea from (Dewar-e-Mehrbani) and thought why don't we provide them books? For poors Or for everyone? So we chose DIWAR-E-ILM as our final project. After visiting so many places even in ramzan we finally got a wall donated by Science College Wahdat Road Lahore and made a book racks where anyone can place books.. So all we want from you is to share this as much as you can. Me and my team worked really hard for this project and don't want it to be wasted. We want you all to participate with us as an active citizen.Place as much books as you can for those people who never got a chance to go to school because they didn't have enough money to buy books but it is not restricted to place only school books you can place any kind of educational and religious books who knows which book can change someone's life 

Friday, 29 July 2016

Special Dishes of Peshawar

Charsi Tikka, Namak mandi Peshawar

Namkeen GoshtChar
Kabuli Pulao 
Mrich, Mutton Karahi 
Beef Karahi 
Sajji, Qissa Khwani Bazar Peshawar
Seekh Kaba, Namakmandi Peshawar
Paye (Panchey), Genta Ghar Peshawar
Habibi Kabab, University Road Peshawar 
Gur ka Sharbat ( Yaakh da Guhrey Sharbat)
Jalil Kabab, University Road Peshawar 
Dum Pukh, Peshawar
Laziz Chawal, Shoba Bazar Peshawar

Monday, 25 July 2016

Under the sun Balochistan

At Hingol National Park, a 'Princess of Hope,' a sphinx and a quaint Mandir thrive amidst the desolation

“What we are going to see is nothing special. It has become a popular spot because a famous Amreekan actress Magelina Bolee thought it resembled a beautiful shezaadi (princess). If I was a famous actress I could have also named something.”

So says the portly, cynical driver who's taking us through Balochistan to visit Hingol National Park. He doesn’t quite resemble a glamorous Hollywood actress, but he's been entertaining company nonetheless.

Like insignificant ants, we tear through Hingol National Park’s coastal highway in search of what is billed as the most sublime of all the natural formations in Balochistan: The Princess of Hope.

As the driver, clearly not versed in the art of enchanting tourists, does his best to dampen our hopes for the princess, I gaze at the unfamiliar sites we're passing through.

Thinking back to the terrain we covered already, I have a funny feeling this trip into the heart of Balochistan is going to be something special...

Alone in the vastness
Under the gentle kiss of the warm afternoon sun in the middle of Balochistan’s bipolar winter, a few goats energetically bustle across the rocky terrain in search of water, yellowing vegetation, or whatever it is that gets goats frolicking.
Knowing that Balochistan is the largest Pakistani province in terms of landmass, yet is only home to five percent of the nation’s teeming population, I certainly expected our journey to feel isolated.

Still, I wasn’t prepared for our small group to be larger than any other company of people we would encounter for most of the day. Only adding to this feeling of solitude is the absence of cellphone signals for the hundreds of kilometers that surrounded us.
But the real stars of this earthy canvas are our rocky surroundings, which rise from the ground to imposing dimensions. These endless hills share deliciously earthy tones and are peppered with darker soil, as if they are nature’s version of an intense chocolate cake. In fact, it seems as if each hill we pass resembles a delicious dessert, or perhaps it has simply been a long time since breakfast?

Coming back to the Princess...
As we draw nearer to The Princess of Hope, I correct our driver: the actress he spoke of goes by the name of Angeline Jolie rather than Magelina Bolee.

Eager to give her a closer examination – and normalize the blood flow in our legs – we use the opportunity to trek nearer to the tourist attraction. After a short hike, we finally come within spitting distance of the Princess, who as someone in the group joked, up close seems to have more in common with a ninja turtle than a princess. I suppose like all royalty, this princess carries her secrets.

In close proximity to the Princess is an uncanny looking sphinx that has been completely shaped by nature, and is every bit as impressive.
Paying respects at Nani Mandir
Our next destination in Hingol National Park is Hinglaj Temple (Nani Mandir), which is considered to be one of the oldest temples in the world, and an important place of pilgrimage for the Hindu population in Sindh.

If our drive to Buzi Pass was a visual treat, then our journey towards the Makran Coast is an even greater feast for the eyes.

My imagination goes into overdrive as the hills grow more awe-inspiring with every passing minute. While the hills we encountered earlier in the day resembled confectionery, the ones close to the Mandir’s valley are similar to the scaly back of a century old slumbering dragon. The river complements these visuals with its clear sparkling water.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

where transcendental beauty mingles, Daral Lake

Located at about 11,500 following a long and stunning hike in Swat valley and nestled amid snow capped alpine peaks, Daral Lake in Swat valley holds transcendental beauty for nature lovers.

The scenic Swat valley, which was once known as Uddiyana (Garden), has every luxury on the offering for tourists, researchers, historians, archaeologists and nature lovers.

The valley lies in the lap of Hindu Kush-Kakakoram-Himalaya range and houses some of the most stunning lakes, forests, meadows, waterfalls, streams and rivers, and more.

A mosque at Charro Banda on the way to Daral Lake

Located on the confluence of Hindu Kush and Karakoram ranges in Bahrain valley, Daral Lake can be accessed through different routes.

It can be accessed after climbing for four hours from Bahrain. Alternatively, it can be reached from Sidgai Lake to the northeast after two hours of rigorous trekking or tourists can also find their to the lake from Lalku valley after a six hours long trek.

A view of the clouds on the way to Daral Lake

Badshahi Masjid, Lahore

Beuatiful View Bahria Town Lahore

Lahore Fort

Lahore Fort 

Image (c) Shahabs Photography


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