Friday, 22 January 2016

Samadh of Ranjit Singh - History of Lahore

Photographer: Saché, John Edward
Medium: Photographic print
Date: 1870

Ranjit Singh (1780-1839) was the famous Sikh leader who ruled the Punjab (modern Pakistan) from 1799 to 1839. His samadh or tomb is located in Lahore near the Fort and the Badshahi Mosque. The tomb was commenced by Ranjit Singh’s son, Kharak Singh on the spot where the Maharaja was cremated and was completed in 1848 during the reign of Dalip Singh. It is a fine example of Sikh architecture with gilded fluted domes, cupolas, kiosks and stone lanterns with an ornate balustrade on the square roof. Ranjit Singh’s ashes are contained in a marble urn in the shape of a lotus sheltered in a marble pavilion decorated with pietra dura in the centre of the tomb

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