Thursday, 22 September 2011

A Proud Muslim And Pakistani

A Brave Son Of Pakistan

Pakistan's character speaks louder than words all over the world.This is what the Muslim is,the west and their puppets are showing their own character on media and labeling it on Muslims,they are trying to malign Islam/Pakistan. All Muslims as a whole and Pakistanis in specific use your best energies to reinforce Muslim Ummah/Pakistan. This blog is meant for you to facilitate you to join in the MISSION by sharing the reality of Muslims/Pakistan with rest of the world and save your time too.Pakistan will remain shining as a SUN on the horizon and will work as a base camp for Muslim Ummah. Any one who will try to deprive Pakistan from this honorable status will soon become go into the dust bin of History and will be remembered as TRAITOR. Traitors to learn lesson from their elders,starting from Qabeel till date,nothing has changed,all characters remain same,its you and me to decide which role we like to play during our span of time.Ho Ga To Wohi Jo Allah Ki Chahet Hai.Let's fall back to our origin "the footsteps of Prophet(S)".Pakistan Zindabad.

A Proud Muslim And Pakistani

This is the potential with which the world is benefiting.Presently Pakistani citizens are giving worth while contribution all over the world,for which we all are proud may they live long. The concern in this regard has to dimensions,one at individual level and another at government level.The Pakistani citizens have always proved to be great Nationalists,they offer their skills free of cost or at times on a much lesser charges as compare to the multinational company but unfortunately on government side things are not very healthy. If the sons of ruling elite in spite being incompetent enjoy moral and material support to attain highest possible levels,why the skills/talent of these sons of soil is being wasted. As private sector is playing important role in education and other sectors,similarly rich sons of soil can take the lead in protecting the great asset of Pakistan. As we have failed to guard the brain drain western powers were there to avail the opportunity. As a result we lost moral edge,lost a great soldier and lost a complete skilled generation. Na Idher Udher Ki Too Baat Kr Yai Beta K Qaafla Kiyun Luta:
Mujhy Rahzeno Sy Gheraz Nahi Tairi Rahberi Ka Sewaal Hai

• Afraad K Haathon Main Hai Aqwaam Ki Teqdeer

· Everyone has right to live with dignity and honor, if anyone challenges this right is criminal. To deal with criminals has variety of formulas; the more sensible is to kill a snake without causing damage to ourselves. The most peaceful formula is to get united, identify the solution, prepare well and execute sensibly. For instance West is all out to insult and humiliate signs of Islam, challenging the sovereignty of Muslim countries, so now how to defend? Offensive is the best defense. Why to get kicked, arrested, humiliated by puppets in government, why cause damage to own assets, let’s go for effective/aggressive counter offensive. All worried Pakistani Youth get united through facebook, settle on one point agenda that “What all west wants to enforce we all say no to it in our area of influence like these Buffalos”. Hijab, music concerts, coeducation, family planning, beard, aimless TV Transmissions, undignified wedding behaviors, Islamic dress code, all Islamic Obligation. Just Transform into the lifestyle of Prophet(S).The revenge behavior should be seen massively on facebook, twitter, blogs, e.mails, education institutions, offices, marriages. I am sure if Muslim youth is sincere to Allah,they can surprise the world. Look what Sister Yvonnen Redly has done, trillions of western investment to destroy the Islam and Muslim image was washed away by her efforts.

Iz Ja Al Haqoo Wa Zehaakel Baatil

Ki Muhammad Sy Wefa Too Ny To Hum Tairy Hain: 
Yai Jehan Cheeze Hai Kia Loh-o-Qelum Tairy Hain
Quwet-e-Ishq  Sy  Hr  Pust  Ko  Bala  Kr  Dy:
Dehr Main Ism-e-Muhammad Say Ujala Kr Dy

Mera  Tareeq   Ameeri   Nahi    Faqeeri        Hai:
Khudi Na Baich Ghareebi Main Naam Paida Ker

The Man Is Known By The Company He Keeps

Leaders and commanders in countries, institutions and homes are honor /duty bound ethically socially, religiously and morally to put in their best to get their under command the best. The formula has been blessed to us by Allah who provided us the footsteps of Prophet(S). We need to have strong friendship with Prophet(S) and respect all the signs brought by him(S) and the most important of all is ,not to have friendship with his enemies, their culture and way of life. We must not be HIPOCRATES, Allah says 63.1. Tumharay pass jab munafiq aatay hain to kehtay hain kay hum iss baat kay gawah hain kay be-shak aap Allah kay rasool hain aur Allah janta hai yaqeenan aap uss kay rasool hain aur Allah gawahi deta hai kay yeh munafiq qata’an.
We need to remain United and do not allow enemy to create the DIVIDE of “enlightened Moderates and Extremist”. 3.103. Allah Taalaa ki rassi ko mill ker sab mazbooti say thaam lo aur phoot na dalo aur Allah Taalaa ki uss waqt ki nemta ko yaad kero jab tum aik doosray kay dushman thay to uss ney tumharay dilon mein ulfat daal di. So let's make sure to remain in good company of slaves of Prophet(S).

Can We Be Graded As Ashraf-Ul-Makhlookaat

The animals are our best teachers, their life is full of lessons that teach us to remain vigilant in our behaviors and prove that we are not worse than ANIMALS. Protecting the life, assets, dignity and honor of our sons, daughters and country is the foremost obligation, which needs to be fulfilled at all cost. Living and dying has no importance, Faith necessitates action. The most shameless compromise on dignity and honor begins once Footsteps of Prophet(S) become least important in our life. Allah says that do you have doubt in my friendship? Then why you look for friendship with my enemies? Allah will soon ask about your deeds and no one can deceive him, everyone will have to face what all he/she had been doing. Hell fire is waiting for those who show arrogant behaviors towards Allah. This buffalo is a symbol of Pakistan Leadership; the cape is Pakistan and Lions as shameless as America trying to prove their strength to a lone Buffalo. So it’s never too late, Allah love those who reconsider and ask for apology,

For Every Feron Musa(AS) Will Always Be There

Allah says about human beings as “Zaloomen Jahoola”. After defeated / humiliated twice in Afghanistan, Yahood-o-Nasara did not learn lesson. After 9/11 they collected all kuffaar, Mushriqeen and Munafiqeen in Afghanistan with unprecedented high tech war machine. They started bombing innocent civilians instead fighting mujahideen, as a result Afghan Taliban responded by classical strategic withdrawal world has ever witnessed with their all war machine intact and world not in knowledge. All west media started celebrating victory, US give access to northern Alliance again in Kabul by once again betraying a trust worthy Pakistan and a puppet Karzai flown from US to play subservient role. Bush announces victory and since then today in September 2001 all US commanders and leaders are begging to negotiate with “TERRORIST” Taliban. The munafiqeen are hiding their faces and giving shameless excuses as they have left no stone unturned to humiliate religious community to make BUSH happy. As usual Munafiqeen are rewarded with humiliation and disgrace by their Masters, Their masters repeated the quote of their elders and said “ Go to hell, you are not loyal with your mother how can you be loyal with us”. 005.010 And they who disbelieve and deny Our revelations, such are rightful owners of hell(Almaida-10)

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