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To the comments of Turkman I have to add the following:
Whatever assets of Pakistan has may be correct or partially correct. Even then these are great assets. But the writer has overlooked one very important aspect. It is not the presence of assets which makes a country great. IT IS HOW WELL THE COUNTRY EXPLOITS these assets. Pakistan has miserably failed to make use of those advantages in the right direction. I shall confine myself to just a few.
Human Resources. More than 50% of the population is illiterate. Out of the literate more are jobless than those who get the job. Moreover in this modern world we require scientists and technical personnel in which catagory we lack human resources seriously. So we have not used this source of our strength. What we used is corrupt politicians and beaurocrats. Of course our Mullahs, following those in Afghanistan, have converted a considerable portion of the population into Pakistani Taliban. Using this asset they have killed 35,000 Pakistanis, injured over 100,000 besides the damage to property so far. How does that make us great?
Nuclear Power: It is indeed a great asset but it does not help to develope the country. It only ensures a deterrent and as far as I remember it has saved us 4 times from Indian attack.

Gold and Copper: This source is known for 2 decades. The way we used or exploited this source is to create more lucid conditions for bribe and corruption. Thank God the case is in Supreme Court otherwise we would have lost billions of dollars in the contract for exraction. We have, however, lost 2 decades.
Gawadar: The port may be bigger than Dubai but has it been used to its fullest. Compared to Dubai its performance is not even 10%. It is mired in litigation with a Singapore company to whom its management was entrusted. Again misuse of asset.
Scientists, Engineers: May be we have large number of this catagory but have we used them they way the Western countries do. Our Scientists and Engineers are not paid or given other incentives viz a viz their qualificatins and experience. That is why they have not been able to produce any significant results worth mentioning, barring a few e.g. a scientist in Lum University Lahor who has been placed in the list of 35 inventers in the world. But on the other hand there are reports about a research institution (I forget its name) whose 90% budget goes to pay and allowances. Will this make us great in near future.
Natural Gas: It may have been big enough but no more. The daily gas shedding and closure of a large number of industrial units dependent on gas speaks the truth. That is why we are entering into contract with Iran to import gas.
Coal: Yes we have coal. It is known for more than a decade but how have we exploited it. Recently Dr. Samar Mubarik gave statment that he could extract gas from it if he was provided funds to procure certain type of machinery. After more than a year of trying to get funds he said that he had reached a condition where he could weep over the behaviour of beaurocracy. If we do not expoit this source it will be as useful as it was to stone age man.
In the end I would again emphasize that unless we utilise our sources in the right direction, without corruption and delaying tactics, we will never become a great nation which we deserve. The oil of Arab or other countries was there, Eskimos of Canada had diamonds and oil too but they never even could meet their daily needs what to talk of becoming a power. Even after exraction their natural resources they have not become great powers. One also has to use the wealth obtained from these resources judiciously and in the right direction.

With Regards.
Ghulam Yusuf 

Comments Mr. Hanif are inserted below. 

Dear all - Pakistanis and her well wishers.
The Western insistence of portraying Pakistan as a worthless, Mickey Mouse country with no hope or potential is extremely hurtful and misplaced because it is false and misleading perception. Pakistan is in fact a genuine sleeping GIANT.  It has all the ingredients to become a great country one day!
The facts below were all taken from the internet and have not been independently verified; but even if some of the facts need to be updated, the reality of the situation is that Pakistan is undoubtedly blessed with huge natural resources and potential. 
Some facts about Pakistan:
1.       It has huge human resource and capital; approximately 65% of its population is under 25 years of age, which is mind-blowing (India and China are becoming super powers because of their human capital).
TURKMAN: Because India and China are not at JehaaD against USA and they do not hate USA and the West. Pakistan exports Human Resources (people) more than them.
2        It has the 2nd largest salt mine in the world (Khewra).
TURKMAN: ... and the world does not need Salt because its easier to make it by Sea Water.

3.       It has the 2nd largest dam in the world.
TURKMAN: But it was built with help of Canada and USA that we hate and is full of Silt. It can not produce enough Electricity, The purpose it was built for.
4.       It is a nuclear power - One of only seven countries of the world.
TURKMAN: Because our rulers prefer Bread over Bombs. We can not eat Nuclear Bombs. 

5.       It has the 5th largest gold and copper deposits in the world.
TURKMAN: And is this why we are so poor and import Gold and Copper every year?
6.       It has the 6th largest standing army in the world.
TURKMAN: Not true but this Army has never won any war, can not even control a few thousand Taliban and has been living off poor Pakistanis eating up half to 3/4th of their Budget every year.
7.       It has the 7th largest pool of scientists and engineers in the world.
TURKMAN: And that's why 7 out 10 Computer Viruses on Internet were created by them and this is why Pakistan is so advanced in Science. 

8.       It has the largest deep sea port in the world (Gwadar), far bigger than Dubai.
TURKMAN: Built with help of China but its useless so far. 
9.       It is the 9th largest English speaking country in the world (English is one of its official languages and the language of government).
TURKMAN: But even our College Graduates can not speak a few sentences correctly. 
10.     It has one of the largest natural gas reserves in the world.
TURKMAN: A lie because if that was the case we would be exporting it instead of trying to buy from Iran.

11.     It has more coal than the oil equivalent of Saudi, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and Canada combined!
TURKMAN: Because none of those countries have much Coal and most of our Coal is Non Use-able. 
12.     Pakistan has the largest ambulance network in the world run by Edhi Foundation.
TURKMAN: Because in no country of the world Ambulances are run by same one organization. 
Hopefully you will promote this message and give others a taste of what Pakistan is and what it can become (with the right leadership of course, whoever they might be!) Let nobody tell us again that Pakistan is anything other than a MIGHTY country!!!!!
TURKMAN: Pakistan, an Army Staged Democracy can never become anything as long as it is being run directly or indirectly by looting killing Mafia of Punjabi Army. Even a country of Black Africans, Jamaica with British Union Jack on their Flag has 4 times higher Per Capita Income because it are not run by people so corrupt. We had become free of British because our Ruling Mafias had wanted no check when they start looting us. 

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